Observing Political Representation (PhD level)

European politics (undergraduate and graduate level)

European integration (graduate level)

Introduction to U.S. Politics   

Advanced U.S. Politics

Professionalization seminar for Ph.D. students

Comparing Political Systems

Democracy, Citizenship and Constitutions (graduate)

Graduate Students

Michele Fenzl (Topic: Income Inequality, Political Polarization, and Voter Turnout)

Fenzl, Michele. 2018. “Income Inequality and Party (De)Polarization.” West European Politics 40(6): 1262-1281.  (article)

Ron Lehrer (Topic: Intra-Party Institutions)

Lehrer, Ron. 2012. “Intra-Party Democracy and Policy Responsiveness.” West European Politics 35(6): 1295-1319. (article)

Ben Margulies (Topic: Liberal Party Competition)

Margulies, Ben. 2016. “Liberal Party Performance When Rival Parties Shift Position on the Left-Right Axis.” Comparative European Politics 14(6): 802-825. (article)